The Packaging Class How to Prep Files for Manufacturing

Ever send a packaging design file to production only to be told they have to change everything about it to make manufacturable?
Yeah, that sucks. So let's talk about production and preparing your design files for production.

In Friday's Packaging Class we got into the basics of file production including:
• How to set up your file
• Spot Color Swatches what are they good for?
• Blacks, building color from the ground up.
• Separations preview, the best little tool in your arsenal
• Adobe Illustrator or Indesign what Adobe products to use for packaging design

This class is great for anyone in design, not jut packaging because these lessons apply to all aspects of graphic and print design and have major impacts in the results.

We all know you can design beautiful things on screen. But if the final results don't look as good as what's on your monitor, then you're leaving your hard work in someone else's hands.

See ya Friday, and invite your friends.