Packaging News for May 23, 2022 with Evelio Mattos, Cory Connors, and Adam Peek.

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Why is recycling packaging so expensive?
Packaging and sustainability experts recap the events at Waste Expo in Las Vegas.
Host of Package Design Unboxd, Evelio Mattos
Host of People of Packaging podcast, Adam Peek
Host of Sustainable Packaging podcast, Cory Connors
and guests.

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What is National Packaging Design Day and how did I start it?

The new Play to Earn Crypto game that will reward players for recycling by planting IRL trees and paying out in their token.

What are the current plastics recycling rates in USA and should we believe the 5% number being thrown around…

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What are the regulatory agencies responsible for packaging across the US? If you sell products int he US do you have to abide by these laws? Yes!

Let's discuss who they are, what they're in charge of and how they impact your decision making.

Log in today to learn this and more on The Packag…

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Bringing you the latest in packaging news every week, Evelio Mattos, Adam Peek, and Cory Connors discuss:

New intro
Ocean plastic
Plastic waste
California Recycling Lawsuit
Plastic's place in packaging

and more...


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Packaging Design and Industry News that will impact your week, your month, and even your year 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽.

This week we cover:
Backing paper shortage - yeah sounds super nerdy and something that probably wouldn't impact you but it has, and will for the next 4 months.
Finland Strikes are over but th…

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Tired of Googling packaging news that will impact your business, agency, or team this week?

Evelio, Cory, and Adam share the Packaging industry's latest news and innovations you care about every Monday morning here on Linkedin Live.

Click "ATTEND" on the event's page to be notified before we go …

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Ever send a packaging design file to production only to be told they have to change everything about it to make manufacturable?
Yeah, that sucks. So let's talk about production and preparing your design files for production.

In Friday's Packaging Class we got into the basics of file production i…

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You've designed packaging, now what? How do you get noticed and get new clients? Where should you be posting your work and how?

Today we look at several websites to post your work and what you should include. We also look at an 8 year old project posted online that is still delivering results with…

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Ever see a box design that blows your mind? Ever wonder how they came up with the idea? Today's class will dive into the process of innovating packaging structures.

What you'll learn:
Where innovation comes from
How to add more innovation into your design process
How to create an innovative box cl…

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What's the latest in packaging you need to know for the week of March 7, 2021, hear it on Packaging News Weekly with Evelio Mattos, Adam Peek, and Cory Connors.

We cover paper vs plastics packaging, oil increases, how to discuss price increases in packaging, and much more on the Packaging News Wee…

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Ever design packaging and miss an opportunity to connect with consumers? Before you design packaging you need to map the user experience to avoid missing every opportunity to build a consumer connection.

UX is the vehicle for story-telling and brand building.

This quick weekly packaging class i…

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Quick tear down of the Marshall Tufton Bluetooth speaker packaging. See how brands packaging their products for optimal unboxing, efficiency, and user experience.

Hey my name is Evelio I'm a packaging designer with over 15 years in design and manufacturing for global brands. My goal is to share t…

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There are different types of packaging used for various moments in a product's lifecycle. If you're planning to be a packaging designer, you need to understand the differences and requirements.

In this week's class we learn about primary packaging, secondary packaging, tertiary packaging, and eco…

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Learn how professional packaging designers present packaging concepts in a sketch format. Learn everything from how to draw a line to 3 point perspective and all of the views required to complete an idea in the mind of the viewer.

The Packaging Class is a weekly class available live on LinkedIn, F…

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You're going to see how to quickly make professional quality box dielines.
I spot an inspirational box online and show you how to make dielines based on that box design.
Watch til the end to see the completed sample!

It's fast, easy, and anyone can do it.

What was used in the video:
Get your o…

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I had the opportunity to discuss Sustainable Packaging Myths and what many brands are doing wrong with NAPA Talks in Lithuania.

Packaging designers need to be aware of the true goal of packaging and what sustainable design actually means. This does not mean eliminating plastic and replacing it wi…

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What you need to know about packaging design this week brought to you by Cory Connors of the Sustainable Packaging Podcast, Evelio Mattos of Package design Unboxd podcast, and Adam Peek of People of Packaging podcast.

We discuss recycling startups, materials, packaging design trends in the market …

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Birddogs packaging is simple, effective, and cheap. What they didn't spend on packaging they spent on copywriting.

Learn how Birddogs creates a memorable unboxing with a basic REFL box construction and great copy. The two color printed exterior doesn't worry about standing out or making a statemen…

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Graphic Designer Deon Mixon felt there needed to be a way to introduce graphic design to youth of color and share a path to design early on. So he launched Designeye a board game that makes learning about graphic design, motion graphics, packaging design, web design fun and accessible.

In this liv…

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Learning how to design sustainable packaging for a start-up brand like coffee. We unbox Espressos to view the packaging from a designer's perspective.

I'm Evelio Mattos and on this channel I break down product packaging to discover their design tactics used, challenge sustainability claims, and lo…

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In this video, you'll learn how to create packaging based on branding strategy. Danielle McWaters, founder of DesignSake shares insight into what it takes to design great packaging for any business.

1. Find your target audience and uncover their needs
2. Understand the competition
3. Get inspire…

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In this video, Tom Szaky founder of Terracycle explains what it takes to create sustainable packaging.

1. Packaging with no net impact
2. Packaging that does more benefit than harm
3. Eliminating the entire idea of packaging

Tom also shares sustainable solutions that includes reusable, disposable…

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Watch how world famous Think Packaging markets their brand with a corrugated mailer. Think Packaging known for creating experiences in every unboxing shows the detail in the construction of each box. This box has zero print and no raw edges.

1. Lid locking mechanism
2. hollow lid for diecut face

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