Aug. 10, 2020

Teaching Youth of Color : 6 Foundations of Design | Ep. 23

Deon Mixon, like so many other designers of color have experienced being the the only African American designer in a design class, a design agency, and in front of the client. Deon developed DesignEye | The Graphic Design Education Game to introduce youth of color to design as a way to communicate concepts, ideas, and introduce them to the possibilities design creates for your future. Deon: "But one thing I never failed to notice was: (1) I'm one of a very few Black American graphic designers in my immediate community and (2) no one really knows what graphic design is!" Listen and learn how this game is designed as an introduction to the six disciplines of design including packaging design.  Learn more about the game on Kickstarter: Connect with Deon Mixon on LinkedIn: Deon's Website: Connect with Evelio Mattos


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