March 14, 2022

Simplifying Sustainable Packaging with ButterflyCannon | EP 85 Part 1

Today’s episode is a 2 parter, we’re speaking with Jenny Cairns, ButterflyCannon’s Innovation & Sustainability Manager. We spoke for so long about a few different things that it actually made more sense to break it up then to release just one long podcast.

In part 1, Jenny and I discuss ButterflyCannon’s Climatic Table document, which is a checklist for 28 sustainable design elements.

Essentially a menu of sustainability priorities each brand should work through. Making sustainability a little easier to digest.

Jenny and I talk through the different sections comparing and contrasting a few types of brands and how they would use the table.

Not only do we tackle sustainability, but we also discuss how to include sustainability and innovation in your packaging design thinking.


Get the Climatic Table from ButterflyCannon Here

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