July 20, 2020

Packaging Design w/ Liquid Death Mountain Water | Ep. 18

We speak to Mike Cessario about the packaging design for Liquid Death and how they've taken social media haters and made them their biggest source of online marketing featuring Liquid Death's packaging design.

We discuss everything from packaging to why so few designers launch their own brands. Designers looking to launch their own brand need to understand the value they bring to the table, where they need help, and how to find it. Mike shares how he launched this brand with Photoshop, a $1500 commercial, and a Facebook page that outperformed all other water brands out there.

The iconic can with flaming skull that promises to murder your thirst has more to offer than you may think. Because when you're a scrappy water start up you have to make your packaging design the marketing powerhouse you can't afford not to have. If you're competing in the commodities space this episode is a must!

Learn what it takes to get eyeballs on your product before you launch and how to keep the momentum growing.

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