May 27, 2020

Packaging a Brand w/ Alex Center | Ep. 6

Speaking with Alex Center founder of Center Brooklyn and former Design Director at a little brand named Coke, is a lesson in how to build confidence and surround yourself with the right people to create opportunities in design.  We discuss how not studying at an art school is a badge of honor many of us in the design world wear as well as the value and craft of creative production. Alex shares how designing based on gut instincts at a start-up named Vitamin Water changed once you level-up to a mammoth brand like Coke where everything is measured by teams.  Great episode for young and seasoned pros alike to gain insight into the process and thought that introduces consumers to product via packaging. For more information about Alex Center: LinkedIn: Instagram: Skillshare: To connect with Evelio via LinkedIn: ...and catch my packaging Skillshare:


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