Jan. 5, 2022

The Future of Packaging Design Education | Ep 75

Whether you're just starting out using Adobe Dimensions or a seasoned packaging designer with Quark Express in your rearview, this episode dives into the future of packaging design education with Aaron Brashear. You're walking away with a ton of stuff including:

How to further your career before it even starts.

How packaging design programs at FIT NY & Parsons differ

New curriculum to prepare students for the future of packaging

Innovations, ideation process in education, and embracing failure early

Major changes to packaging, trends for 2022 - 2025


Show links:

Aaron Brashear on LinkedIn



Parsons New School

Loftware Project Management




Package Design Unboxd

Evelio Mattos on LinkedIn

Evelio Mattos on Twitter

Package Design Unboxd Q&A on Clubhouse

Intl. Direct Packaging



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