Aug. 5, 2020

Is Your Packaging Prop 67 Compliant? | Ep. 22

Understanding how Prop 67 impacts your business's packaging design and manufacturing. What it means, and what you need to do including these four things: The name of the manufacturer: 1) The manufacturer, not the reseller, the broker, or the agency that designed it, but the name of the actual manufacturer. This is not an opportunity for your broker to market their brand it’s to provide legal documentation as to where the bag was made. Check your bags, and make sure it’s not promoting a reseller that’s not in compliance. 2) Country where the bag was manufactured, easy. To be clear your bag has to say “Bag Made in (Somewhere)” if it doesn’t you’re not compliant. 3) The PCW content, keeping in mind that 40% is the minimum for medium to large bags and 20% for small and mini bags. “This bag contains 40% PCW or Post Consumer Content” 4) Chasing Arrows state that the bag is recyclable. Putting a please recycle this bag wouldn’t hurt either. That’s it for today, if you want to learn more about packaging design, development and manufacturing please rate, review, and subscribe to Package Design Unboxd and follow us on LInkedIn. Connect with Evelio Mattos on LinkedIn


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