Nov. 23, 2020

What is How 2 Recycle Labeling & Packaging Design | Ep. 33

What is How to Recycle labeling?


We talk to Kelly Cramer, the Lead @, a team that helps packaging designers, brands, and consumers learn how to recycle packaging and share the responsibility of recycling packaging today.

This goes counter to what we as consumers have experienced historically, where consumers have had 100% of the responsibility to understand how to separate and recycle packaging.

Today, communicates how to separate packaging components for increased recyclability and guides brands and packaging designers towards best practices and sustainability certification. 

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In this episode we dive into the costs of becoming a member, what types of brands should join, and how much recycling rates have increased since the inception of How2Recycle. We discuss a variety of materials, the benefits of each, and how packaging design and sustainability have to work together to insure our future.

Thanks to Intl. Direct Packaging for sponsoring today's episode:

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