Nov. 16, 2020

Consumer Tracking & Packaging Design | Ep. 32

Dr. Andrew Hurley offers the answer to "Will your packaging design changes deliver a measurable ROI?" His platform Package Insight offers an eye into consumer thoughts, emotions, and how they actually interact with your packaging in a real world environment before you go to market. 

Do design trends really drive consumer purchasing patterns or are packaging designers allowing their own preferences and biases dictate the results? 

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Dr. Andrew Hurley is the founder of Package Insight, a research team that can convert their lab into any environment needed to test packaging design to gather real-time consumer data. Their lab can be a Home Depot one day and a Whole Foods Market the next complete with a refrigerated aisle and everything. By recreating the shopper's environment Package Insight is able to capture over 50 bits of data per second using their eye tracking glasses each consumer is outfitted with in their lab. 

A/B test your packaging in real-time against your competition on shelf and learn what consumers are actually looking at when they browse the aisle. 

Learn more about Package Insight.

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Thanks to International Direct Packaging for their sponsorship:

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