Sept. 17, 2021

Packaging Design & Recycling: How France Will Save the World From Plastic Pollution | Ep 64

In this episode Evelio (@eveliomattos) speaks to Vincent Colard of a company working hand in hand with packaging designers, manufacturers, and recycling systems to get France to 100% recycling rates by 2025. Learn what materials to use in your packaging design to increase the chances of it being recycled at end of life. 

They discuss chemical recycling, what it is, how it helps, and where it fits in the grand scheme. Also the different types of plastics, benefits, drawbacks, and different product needs. 

Here are three massive things you’ll walk away with today.

1) How CITEO develops recycling streams for various materials and how they implement it across the country.

2) Get a breakdown of checkmical recycling, how it works, and basically what it is.

3) recycling, down cycling, and up cycling how different packaging materials are building our circular future.

You can learn more about CITEO at or find Vincent Colard on Linked in.


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