Aug. 13, 2020

5 Unconventional Questions to Ask Before Every Package Design | Ep. 24

1) What is the product and how many skus will there be to start? For example if the product is a pair of sun glasses and it comes in 10 colors, those are 10 SKUs you will be designing packaging for.  2) How Much? What will the product retail for? The retail price is an indicator to how much the brand may invest in the packaging. It also allows you to analyze the appropriate competitive landscape. Having a baseline for retail pricing can help to begin determining materials, processes, and production methods. 3) How many? What will the initial order quantity be? We’ve all heard start ups say their first order is only 500 units but their second order will be millions of units once some influencer gets it in their hands. Don’t let the promise of high quantities tomorrow affect your decision making today. 4) When? Define timelines. When is the launch date, when does it need to be in stores, and when does it need to ship? 5) How will the product be fulfilled? This is important because knowing if a product is fulfilled by hand vs by machine will impact the structural design and material selection of the packaging. Learn More & Connect with Evelio Mattos:


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