July 15, 2020

10 Lessons How To Use Foil In Packaging Design Part 2 | Ep. 17

Part 2 of 10 Lessons for Packaging with Foil.

April Lytle or Kurz Transfer Products and I provide key insights into how to use foil when designing packaging. 

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If you’ve ever designed packaging with textures and foils,

you know there’s a learning curve to doing it right.

I want to bring you the opportunity to gain these insights as quickly as possible.

I’m joined by April Lytel with Kurz Transfer Products,

Kurz has been making foils since the 1800’s so they know a thing or two about foil.

Today’s - 10 Lessons for designing with Foil is split into 2 parts to keep it short and actionable.

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Show Links:

April Lytle on LinkedIn: https://bit.ly/2ZQLyz9

Kurz Transfer Products: https://bit.ly/Kurzfoil

Kurz Transfer Products Online: https://www.kurzusa.com

Connect with me on LinkedIn:https://bit.ly/EvelioMattos


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