Package Design Unboxd

Package Design Unboxd

Your ears are about to unbox the best damn packaging design podcast.

Learn everything from the basics of packaging concept development to what is required to recycle packaging. My goal is to teach you the ins and outs of packaging design and how to build a brand, an agency, or a department that focuses on sustainability and delivering memorable consumer experiences.

Our guests are leaders in their industries. They're eager to teach, explore, and discover the future of packaging design.

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What the Hell is Sustainable Packaging Anyway? |Ep 57

Aug. 5, 2021

What the hell is sustainable packaging anyway? Evelio continues the conversation over drinks to help you identify ways to make your packaging more sustainable and building your brand. It's another late night and Evelio's drinking again letting loose on what it means to be sustainable. He breaks dow…


Sustainable Packaging & The Packaging Revolution | Ep. 56

Aug. 3, 2021

What is the packaging revolution? How sustainability is a communal concept and requires legal enforcement to be effective. Society chooses what it considers sustainable and acts accordingly. The packaging revolution is the waking up of consumers and brands to the realization they've been doing it…

Sustainability Packaging Design

Top 10 Secrets to Designing Sustainable Packaging Revealed | Ep. 55

July 29, 2021

Everything you need to consider when thinking of deigning sustainable packaging. Materials, processes, questions, and what sustainability even means. Great way to get started.

Sustainability Packaging Design

Sonos Packaging : How to Design Packaging for a Sustainable Future | Ep 54

July 27, 2021

Jeremy Etchison & Ben Blanchard are the dynamic duo behind SONOS ' Roam packaging. Their team of designers and engineers executed what can be called the future of sustainable tech packaging. A completely recyclable product pack that uses custom paper wrapped corrugated board and molded fiber insert…

Future-ready FMCG Packaging Design Strategies w/ ClarkMcDowall | Ep 53

July 22, 2021

Packaging designers have a superpower no other designer has. The ability to reach into the future and create it today. Learn the strategies Clark McDowall use to design packaging for Mars owned Nutro Pet Foods and legacy brand Palmolive. How to spot packaging trends without falling in love with tra…

How to Design Packaging for The Future with Someone & Others | Ep 52

July 14, 2021

Want to know how agencies are designing packaging for the future? Where do packaging innovations breed? Where do you find packaging inspiration? If you’re interested in designing forward thinking packaging that goes beyond just making bags and boxes, you gotta listen to this episode. We talk with D…

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